Our standard process includes Planning & Building Permits


We collect a basic understanding of your building requirement and floor plan.


If possible a site visit or request photos of the potential build site.


Based on the information on hand we will provide an estimation.


We request documents such as your land title and a Geo-Soil Sample report.


We then complete a site plan and elevation set to present to council.

*Site specific Council planning drawing set is $1,500 +GST


We submit to your local council planning department your intended new building design and request feedback in regards to if your project requires a planning permit.

Planning permit application costs are assessed by Council and paid directly by owner
we can provide assistance recovering your land title


Based on Planning requirements, we then design your building and provide a Quotation to manufacture your steel frame kit and building package.


We engage a local building surveyor or building certifer to complete your building permit.
Average price is between $2,800 – $3400


We then complete draft drawings of your building.
*Price varies based on your building foot print.


Your draft drawings are then sent to an engineer to be certified.
*Price varies based on building foot print.


Your certified engineered drawings will then be sent to the building surveyor to issue your building permit.


At this point you need to make a decision if your going to complete the assembly of your kit building as an OWNER BUILDER or engage a REGISTERED BUILDER.


Your building permit is approved.


 We commence manufacturing of your kit building in accordance to your engineering.
*Manufacturing Deposit of 50% is required at this point.


You will be notified of a delivery schedule and will be advised to prepare your footings.
(Slab or Piers/Stumps)


Delivery of your steel frame kit and building package based on your delivery schedule.
*Final balance payment is required at this point.


We provide support to you as an OWNER BUILDER your HANDYMAN or to your REGISTERED BUILDER during the assembly of your certified kit building.

Checklist before you contact us.